The S-61 is a dependable multi-mission aircraft with an outstanding history record of reliability. The versatile platform of the S-61 can easily be configured to meet a wide variety of applications.  


    Length: 58 ft. 11 in.  (17.96 m)

    Height: 17 ft. 6 in. (5.13 m)

    Rotor Diameter: 62 ft. (18.9 m)

    Maximum Gross Weight: 22,000 lbs with STC SH5125NM

    Maximum Speed VNE: 131 KIAS

    Maximum Ceiling: 12,000 ft., DA @Takeoff and Landing -14,000 DA Enroute

    Range: 430 NM + 30 minute reserve

    Maximum External Lift Capacity: 10,000 lbs.


    Transmission towers and poles

    Rooftop and HVAC equipment

    Remote site “general delivery” for construction equipment including tractors, excavators, skid steer units and materials

    Ski lift towers and equipment

    Cell tower sections and components

    The S-61 is also capable of transporting internal cargo and passengers.

    Aerial Fire Suppression

    Aerial Timber Harvesting


    7 - Sikorsky S-61 N (Standard Category)

    3 - Sikorsky S-61 A (Restricted Category)

    3 - CROMAN SH-3H (Restricted Category)

    3 - Bell 206B III Jet Rangers

    We currently operate a mix of twelve Standard and Restricted Category Sikorsky S-61 series  helicopters and three Bell 206B III Jet Rangers. The helicopters can be equipped for a variety of missions including internal / external fire tank systems, buckets, longlines, specialty hook systems, and grapples for versatility and efficiency in placement of loads.


    Our helicopter fleet operations are authorized under the provisions of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 133 External Load operations, Part 135 On-Demand Charter operations and Part 137 Agricultural Aircraft operations.  Operations include aircraft charter, government contracting, external load precision placement, power-line construction, firefighting, aerial timber harvesting, external cargo delivery and many other specialty projects. 


    Croman has been approved by the Department of Defense Air Mobility Command (AMC) Commercial Airlift Review Board as a United States Department of Defense (DOD) Air Transportation Program Air Carrier since 2009.